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8-bit heroes album







Hailing from Canada’s rock capital: Kingston, Ontario, with the essence and soul of a nostalgic time before the internet ruled the world, CGI was a thing, and movies had to be rented from a video store and not binged watched come the pop-punk quintet 8-Bit Heroes. The band formed to battle the rising siege of electronic music in the community. Their solution was never reinventing the wheel, but to pump up the flat bike tires on their old BMX.

Right away, this bands entire being and existence is near and dear to my heart, where I personally grew up in the 80s-90s where SEGA and SNES reigned supreme, the WWF Attitude Era made everyone want to be wrestlers, Pokemon and the Power Rangers were having their first wave in the US, and the closest thing as epic to the Marvel cinematic universe was the Back To The Future Trilogy. While most of the world moved past that golden era of pop-culture and music, myself, as well as these lads still hold it in high respects.

8-Bit Heroes released their forthcoming album TRY BLOWING IN IT, a nod to the old 8 and 16 bit game cartridges in the early 90s this past January 2019. The Canadian quintet's sound is a combination of teenage angst mixed with an emotional rawness with clever quirks that make the band sound modern and fresh with a retro twist. The guys have a realness to them while also taking on lighter-toned themes in their writing reminiscent of bands like Say Anything.

The 7-track album is full of a new dynamic, twist and turn at each song. Tunes like opening track LEAVE ME ALONE and THE NEVERENDING PARTY are straight forward rock/pop-punk songs with 80's nostalgic twists like the feedback in the beginning of the tune and the drum machines while tunes like SET MYSELF ON FIRE and BETTER THAT WAY have more of a modern pop-punk sound while still not being lost in the crowd. Nice pallet cleansers with the dynamic switch of acoustic guitars and chord progressions are tunes like LIFE AS A VAMPIRE and BROKEN FRIEND.

If you're ready for a truly unique experience and sound then dust off your Walkman, velcro up your light-up sneakers and get ready for a never ending sounding party of substance abuse, and toxic relationships.

You can check out TRY BLOWING IN IT below.


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