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EXIT - Too Little, Too Late ALBUM REVIEW

"I think you know that I'm barely scraping by.

I know it's a shame that I, can't leave this behind."

Senior Discount Band

Andrew Manning Matt Mendonca TJ Piccirillo Billy Yennet​


Released in June of 2018, New England pop-punk quartet EXIT drop their forth-coming LP Too Little, Too Late. This album is full of heartfelt lyrics, melodic riffs, and bouncy, upbeat pop-punk beats. The album is reminiscent of early to mid 90's rock as well as 2000's pop-punk bands like Boys Like Girls, All American Rejects with a splash of the emo-ness of Dashboard Confessional thrown in for good measure.


The band is not shy about their nostalgic sound, even naming a tune 2005 which features pop-punk group HANDGUNS. The tune is a 3 minute blend of old meets new pop-punk from nostalgia-feeling lyrics and grooves to modern pop-punk breakdowns. Taking the band even more back, the band covers CALIFORNIA by mid 90's group PHANTOM PLANET. The cover shows the bands diversity as well as their own blend of old meets new school attitude.

Other tunes on the record like HERE I GO and DRAMA remind me of bands like early 90's groups NINE DAYS and DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL.

While other tunes on the records have a complete modern pop-punk feel meets throwback pop-punk like CLICHE' and KARMA almost reminiscent of bands like The Starting Line meets All Time Low with a total modern day spin thrown in the mix.


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