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Blink-182 Drops New Singles "One More Time" and "More Than You Know".

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Ever since Blink-182 announced that Tom Delonge was back in the band in October of last year, the pop-punk world has been on its nostalgic feels with the band releasing a new single entitled "Edging" as well as a world tour featuring some of the best new and old acts of the genre.

Along with all of the touring and festival performances, blink-182 has been teasing fans for almost a year now for some new music or at least an update on when the new single and/or album would be released.

Those questions were finally answered this past week when the band made a video online entitled "ONE MORE TIME" that basically gives the outline of the status of blink-182 as well as a big update on the new album being released, which is if you haven't guessed it, entitled ONE MORE TIME.

Yes, ONE MORE TIME will be dropping in its entirety on October 20th nearly the one-year anniversary of when Tom rejoined the dynamic trio. The 17-track LP is already available for pre-order on blink-182's official website.

You can check out the music videos for ONE MORE TIME as well as MORE THAN YOU KNOW along with pre-orders to blink-182's newest album ONE MORE TIME with tracklisting and more below!



“Anthem Part 3”

“Dance With Me”

“Fell in Love”


“One More Time”

“More Than You Know”

“Turn This Off!”

“When We Were Young”


“You Don’t Know What You’ve Got”

“Blink Wave”

“Bad News”

“Hurt (Interlude)”


“Fuck Face”

“Other Side”



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