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COLOUR ME WEDNESDAY - Counting Pennies in the Afterlife ALBUM REVIEW

Built around sisters Jen and Harriet Doveton, West London's COLOUR ME WEDNESDAY bring together a feminist DIY punk/indie pop sound that pitches sick guitar and keyboard sounds from the 70's mixed with 90's indie style feel.


"I Wanna Feel Alive Again..."

colour me wednesday group

COLOR ME WEDNESDAY's latest record COUNTING PENNIES IN THE AFTERLIFE writes about all things that make most every right wing conservative in the US die/ cringe. From politics, activism, feminism, to straight up punk rock DIY and relationships COLOUR ME WEDNESDAY cover all of the bases in the 70's-80's punk rock "piss off the conservatives check box". However they do it with grace, charm and eyeliner. (Maybe that's where the hardcore bands fucked up.)

One of the best things about CMW is that not every song screams a political anthem and you can enjoy it where as some bands use their band as a political novelty and a platform that just gets overdrawn and boring like "fuck, here's another song about guns/voting/Margart Thatchar". The Doveton sisters have this unique ability to make the saddest song sound beautiful like their newest single SUNRISER which is about a relationship that ended because of the choices or mistakes that your partner made and the burden is stil on you to remain the strong one. (at one point we've all been there. and if not you're going to...)


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