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"Moon Go Down" (My 3 Year Old Daughter's Top 10 Favorite Punk Songs)

On random mix CD's in my car...yeah I still use those because my 08' blazer wasn't fully loaded with the fucking AUX cord but came with a BOSE system that wanted to carry a "safety feature" and be incompatible with any other fucking stereo.

So in a clustered mixture on those CD's is a compilation of songs with no rhyme or reason or relation to each other that get all jumbled together with a thought process that goes a little like this:

- Nostalgia

- "What is that one song that goes like this"

- Cover Songs from bands that do the song better than the artist


- My ADD kicks in going "you know what this song reminds me of, this other song"

- "but first let's look up a 2 hour YouTube documentary on tetrahedral physics".

- Or sometimes just random shit from the 250GB hard drive of discographies, I'll catch a whiff of from back in the day, thank you LimeWire, you my boy.

Well I've noticed that there's a lot of songs that my daughter has been starting to like, stuff I'll play in the car, at home, while writing or even songs of my own. So I started jotting them down and here's her little list of her favorite songs.


Ready (The Starting Line)

Her Title: (La Da Da Song)

While still in a bassinet, and at like 3-4 months old my daughter liked punk rock. I had this shit iPhone 4 that I had made a playlist of softer punk, pop-punk, metal, and classic rock, and I remember this being one of her favorite songs on it. She used to smile and coo when the acoustic guitar would come on and Kenny's lullaby style "doo-doo" and "ahh-ahh's" would be sung panning in and out with strange vibes, keyboards and string sounds.


A Day In The Life- The Beatles

Her Title: (Oh Boy Song)

This one took me a little by surprise at first. I had The Beatles Greatest Hits on in the car and this one came on, something about it spoke to her. Maybe it was all of the weird changes, the fact that it was one of mine and my dads favorite songs, or that good music resonates through time no matter how old the song is or the person is listening to it, she loved it.


God Only Knows- The Beach Boys

Her Title: (Gods Nose)

I don't know if she liked the horns, Wilson's amazing harmonies, that annoying fucking "Bahm Bahm" part that Mike Love insisted on adding to a lot of the Beach Boys hits, or the fact that I recorded a cover of it myself. Either way I'm stoked that she likes it.

Link to my cover? sure...


Collide- Go Radio

Her Title: (Whoa Whoa Keep Your Eyes)

The lady is a big Mayday Parade fan, just as equal a Jason Lancaster & Go Radio fan. Those couple of things along with all of my nonsense would get blasted in the car nonstop. She's starting to sing along with these songs in the car as well, getting embarrassed when we catch her.This song for whatever reason seems to still stick. I'm seeing a pattern with these "Whoa's" going on in the songs.


We Love Like Vampires- Sparks The Rescue

Her Title: (The Vampire Song)

I can't tell if I'm suffering from a bit of cognitive dissonance here or if she actually likes this song. I constantly blast this fucking band, they're a rad pop-punk group that should've had a bigger break than they're getting in my opinion, every single one of their songs are catchy as fuck and the little one seems to love the songs. I can tell when she hates a track, she'll say "it's too loud", or "turn it down/off". Yeah 3 years old and telling me how to run my radio, people can be pro life my ass, see if it's too late to abort a toddler. Anyways, I think she likes this one, she says she does unless we're watching the video at home, and then the ending scares the shit out of her every time.


And I You- Hey Compadre

Her Title (Uncle Moo's Song)

During the inception of Hey Compadre, the band comprised of my brother and a couple of other really close friends, came along these songs from other bands past. My brother had part of this song written as a little ditty on his computer for the longest time, slowly adding to it, and as the idea for the band added so did the complexity and dynamics of this song.

I remember receiving a video when their EP "Something Old, Something New" came out, our daughter could barely walk yet, and The Mrs. sent this video of her dancing to it.

Forgive the grainy clip, it was an old Blackberry to iPhone 4s.


If It Means A Lot To You- A Day To Remember

Her Title: (La, La La La. La La La Song)

It seems that there were a few bands that blew up the last few years, this was one of them. While I'm not a huge ADTR fan, the lady friend is, and they are catchy, so fuck it, it's fun to sing to. The little one sees this, so she joins in, especially during that beast of a crescendo at the end of the song. When the song came to an abrupt stop, she yells "hey guys, can you play that one again, that La La song?"


Guns For Hands- Twenty One Pilots

Her Title: (Try To Sleep)

Like everyone around the globe my daughter loves Twenty One Pilots. However, I can call my daughter a hipster, she liked them before anyone else did. Yup that's right, back in 2013 before people were getting all blurry faced with the duo, my little hellion was learning to walk to her uncle's songs and Twenty One Pilots. Anytime I put a Twenty One Pilots song on in the car she just shuts up, quits whining, and it's a whole entire mood shift. It's like catnip for whiny kids.


While The World Let Get- A Rocket To The Moon

Her Title: (Mommy Song)

While I have seen this band live and they were rad, this pick didn't come from my side of the fence. This song I can say I've heard on at least a 4X a week basis, MINIMUM. The Mrs. is OBSESSED with this song, and a few others on her playlist, but aren't we all. Getting her addicted, is our little one, I'm glad that she has taste like this though and not weighted down garbage.

The little one started liking this one just a few weeks ago, this song was on in the car and she started falling asleep to it, and asking us to play it over and over again.


Northern Downpour- Panic! At The Disco

Her Title: (Moon Go Down)

I'm a closet Panic! fan, I'll admit it, it didn't happen until after high school when I realized I hated their fans and not them. It happened with a lot of bands in fact. With this, came the album Pretty Odd, I loved it, "Nine in the Afternoon" was an amazing hit, and soon followed this song "Northern Downpour" or as we've become so affectionate to know it as "Moon Go Down." I don't quite remember what first sparked this song, but I know it was on a mix CD in the car, and she asked for it to be played again, and then cried when we didn't play it after the 4th, 5th, 6th, time.

It was getting pretty insane that the CD player was being overrun by a 3 year old and a Panic! song. Though, I couldn't complain, she liked this song, and the majority of their record even finding certain things she liked and didn't, like how "When The Day Met The Night" sounds very similar to "In Summer" by Olaf from Frozen. Mostly, it's been this song, over and over, which I can't mind, it's probably my favorite off the record by far.


She's been getting more and more into the stuff that we like. I can't wait to hear what she's going to want to watch and listen to. I just hope that I don't say this now, and then BAM karma strikes and she turns into another tasteless zombie.

What do your kids listen to?

Do you let your kids listen to the same music as you? Even if swearing?

Any of your kid's favorite songs?

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