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Eternal Boy A Clean Slate and an "Awkward Phase" ALBUM REVIEW

Eternal Boy Awkward Phase COVer

The pop-punk trio Eternal Boy PREMIERE their album Awkward Phase. The band is the nostalgic resurrection of the pop-punk sound where fast tempos, tight harmony, and clean vocals combined with punchy bass, heavy guitar and drums drive you smack dab in the middle of circa 2003. You might note the band's familiar sounds via its former members The Spacepimps.

The Pittsburgh-based-band went in a smarter marketing direction, ditching the decade long childish band name yet keeping the same members, onstage angst and fast throwback pop-punk style songs that the predecessor band name was known for.

When I had first talked to Rishi Bahl (guitarist) about Eternal Boy's debut album Awkward Phase, it was about a year ago, but he had told me that the album art was already picked out and that the wallpaper for The Pop-Punk Dad site was a part to play in it. All of the random things that inspire me thrown in a collage on a photo. I didn't quite understand what their band had planned but I couldn't wait to see and hear the record and was far from disappointed.

TPPD Wallpaper
Eternal Boy Awkward Phase COVer

The opening track's lyrics to the album say it all "Holy Shit" as you're blasted away into pop-punk nostalgia. I felt like I was being blasted back into 2004, a reminiscent time of my own adolescent years in high school when getting your heart stepped on and being in a band were all that mattered...the good old days.

The song's title "Clean Slate" seems to be sending the message that the band is wiping the pimps name clean yet keeping that same edge that they still have. From what it sounds like, the trio hasn't skipped a beat.


Eternal Boy just released a BRAND NEW music video for their single Hung Up On Hope which you can check out right here.


The guys just finished up a show in Philly, The Warped Tour, and a hometown CD Release Show. They have some more coming up that you should check out if you're in the area.

July 13: Philadelphia, PA - The Fire

July 14: Burgettstown, PA (Warped)

July 15: Pittsburgh, PA -The Smiling Moose (CD RELEASE)

July 16: Long Island, NY - Amityville Music Hall

July 18: Cuyahoga Falls, OH (Warped)

July 21: Winchester, VA - Hopscotch Coffee

July 22: New York, NY - Shillelagh

July 28: Washington, DC - Rock and Roll Hotel

Sept 10: Pittsburgh, PA - XTAZA Nightclub


MERCH is on sale (on their OFFICIAL WEBSITE) as well as their album in digital and physical form in CD and hipster ass VINYL format. (I collect vinyl so fuck me right?)

To purchase the album on iTunes


Awesome to see that this will be the 4th year in a row Eternal Boy will be apart one of the sickest festivals in Pittsburgh PA run by the one and only Rishi Bahl.


(Click flyer for ticket info)



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