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Comeback Kid

Reisha Cadelina - Vocals Allen Bogosian - Bass Richard Gross - Drums David Cooper - Guitar David Gherard - Guitar


New York pop-punk/emo quintet GRAYHUNTER released their debut EP "Comeback Kid" right at the ass end of 2018. "Comeback Kid" is about four different types of rock bottoms and finding the strength to rise above them against all odds. Each song has its own genre where-in the lyrics call the shots.

The band formed in a pretty unique way. Singer, Reisha went to elementary school with drummer Rich, and college with Allen their bassist. The band later met the two Daves (guitars) through Craigslist.

Reisha is quoted as saying: "We have awesome chemistry together -- we're a NOT serious group of people playing very serious music." The band has been playing together for a year now and the decision to record an EP was made collectively when they realized the band's natural chemistry. The lady fronted band has influences all over the pop-punk/emo/rock genre from Marianas Trench and Paramore to Circa Survive.

Tunes like opening track Borderline are off to a "groovy" start with a sick bassline, and hammering four on the floor combo which blasts off into this total pop-rock tune. Hyperdrive is a complete contrast of that with hints of Circa Survive or even Saosin-like guitar work, stop-breaks and overall feel of the tune.

Survivor dances on that line of newer Paramore meets older Circa with their own heavy mix of pop-punk emo sound. Stranger finishes off the album and is just as powerful and upbeat as the former tunes with a straight forward rock sound, dynamic strumming and drum patterns overtop intense, meaningful lyrics.

You can check out an awesome rooftop acoustic version of GRAYHUNTER's Stranger in the link below.




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