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gods of mount olympus album

Aaron O’Connor

Scott Montgomery

Brandon Millman


Formerly the pop-punk band 3PM, Skyward Story was brought together by the one thing that brings us all together these days, social media. Drummer Brandon Millman and guitarist Scott Montgomery took to Twitter in search of a singer, and low and behold, Aaron O’Connor was found, completing the group.

The Baltimore, MD trio quickly picked up steam with a constant hustle, touring and a dedicated following selling over 25,000 copies of their album “Slow Me Down” which peaked on the Billboard Charts at #27 Top Rock Albums, #2 National Heatseekers, #18 Alternative and #19 Indie while out on the Vans Warped Tour.

Skyward Story’s drive, and next level attitude recently caught the attention of multi-platinum producer Matt Squire who ha worked with the likes of Panic! At The Disco, Good Charlotte, One Direction and Demi Lovato just to name a few for their forthcoming January 2019 album REBORN.




I recently had the opportunity to chat with the guys from Skyward Story while on tour with ROOKIE OF THE YEAR in Pittsburgh, PA about the band name’s origin, working with Matt Squire and their ambitions and goals for 2019. CHECK IT!

TPPD: You guys are out on a short run tour with Rookie of the Year. I usually start by asking "how's the tour been?" but you guys just started. So since I'm from Pittsburgh, I'll ask, ever done shows in "Pittsburgh before?"

​Aaron: Yes, and we always have such a killer time in this city. Everyone is so welcoming, the food is great, and overall the vibe is awesome. We’ve never had a rough time in Pittsburgh!

TPPD: You guys have a new single "Trading Secrets" (which is fucking amazing btw) coming out soon. When will that be coming out?

Brandon: The song drops on December 7th, and will be available everywhere. We then have a sick video for it coming out shortly after.

TPPD: Now about this new album, do you guys have a name for it yet?

Scott: This album is called “Reborn” and it comes out on January 18th, 2019. This album has been years in the making. We have put so much blood, sweat, and tears into this record and are so happy to finally be releasing it. There are pre-order bundles available on our website and you can now pre-save it on Spotify!

TPPD: You guys had Matt Squire as a producer who produced Ariana Grande, One Direction, Good Charlotte, etc. What made him stand out for you guys other than his past roster of bands produced?

Scott: He was the first producer we’ve worked with who has 100% shared our same vision. That’s really hard to find but I can’t stress how important it is to have such a good bond. When you’re all basically locked in a room writing music together it really helps to have everyone on the same page!

TPPD: Your last album "Slow Me Down" debuted 27 on Billboard's Top Rock, 2 on National Heat-seekers, 18 on Alt. Albums and 19 on Indie Albums. What was that experience like, and do you have hopes to top it with this upcoming album?

Brandon: That was unreal, after that we even got a feature in Billboard magazine. Seeing your name right next to Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran on the charts is something you don’t see every day.

TPPD: You guys did a stint on the Vans Warped Tour playing some dates on the Full Sail Stage. What was that experience like?

Aaron: as my first experience on Warped Tour it was pretty insane to see the whole production and get to play alongside like a hundred amazing bands. It was hot and sweaty and rained half the time, but Warped fans are used to that, so they made us feel at home!

TPPD: Best Warped Tour memory going as a fan?

Brandon: Seeing Yellowcard for the first time at Warped is definitely my #1

Scott: I’ll have to second that, my first time crowd surfing was at the same set!

TPPD: Around this time last year you did a show in Jersey with a band called DEAD (a My Chemical Romance Tribute band). Where you guys covered all All Time Low songs. How did that come about? Are you big MCR fans/ Umbrella Academy fans?

Scott: We’ve been big fans of ATL for a while now and being from Baltimore it was only fitting that we cover them. And yes we are also huge MCR fans, but who isn’t?

TPPD: Top 5 Favorite All Time Low Tunes?



​For Baltimore

​Coffee Shop Soundtrack

​Jasey Rae

​Somewhere in Neverland

TPPD: Your guys name Skyward Story reminds me of The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword. Where actually did the name originate from?

Aaron: this actually ties into the last question…one night we were listening to Guts by All Time Low and the line “shooting for the stars” kind of inspired us, and we then thought about how our intentions are to shoot as high as possible, and we’re writing our own story along the way. About two minutes later, we created Skyward Story.

TPPD: Holiday plans?

Brandon: after this December tour we’re going to spend some time with our families, and then we have plenty more to come!

TPPD: Worst gift you've ever received?

Aaron:​ Sonic Unleashed; I asked for it, but it ended up being a terrible game

Scott: It was always the gifts of underwear that made me sad on christmas

Brandon: birthday punches from my brothers

TPPD: Best gift you've ever received?

Scott: my first guitar

Brandon: my first drumstick

Aaron: my first vocal cord

TPPD: What's next for Skyward Story in 2019?

Aaron: First thing will of course be the release of “Reborn”, and after that we’ll be hitting the road for a good portion of the year. It’s going to be an incredible year for Skyward Story!



The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 2018

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