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Chicago, IL postpunk/alternative rock quartet known as SUPERKICK recently dropped their forthcoming single Jock Jam 97'. The band has a familiar sound of all things indie rock, pop-punk and alt. rock all wound up into one neat bundle with bits of nostalgia scattered throughout the band's sound with song titles like "Tom's My Only Friend" a direct reference to the first friend you get on MySpace, and even an 8-bit version of their song Sissorhands yet another reference to the cult classic Edward Sissorhands accompanied by the 8-bit sounds of classic video games on the band's Spotify page.

The band recently a new single entitled JOCK JAM 97' which is a clear reference to the Jock Jams series (similar to Now That's What I Call Music) but presented by ESPN. The tune is far from anything that the ESPN series had to offer but instead giving us a sound of an early 2000's pop-punk meets indie rock sound with a cross between heavier Brand New meets heavier Modern Baseball songs all with another heaping dose of that signature Chicago pop-punk sound that's reflected in bands like The Academy Is, older Fall Out Boy and even a dose of Alkaline Trio.

With a straight forward, driving chorus and melodic verses that have this sick, almost droning octave vocal lines, Jock Jam 97' is a serious jam for any nostalgic pop-punk kid trying to find new music in this new day and age.

Check out SUPERKICK's latest single "Jock Jam 97" below!


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