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Wiretap Records' Latest Charity Compilation is out now on Bandcamp

odonis Group

Another edition of Wiretap Records quarterly Charity Compilations is out now on Bandcamp.

20 tracks from the latest Wiretap releases of friends andbands that should be on your radar including bands that I've personally featured here on The Pop Punk Dad Official Site!

Tracks from Decent Criminal, The Lucky Eejits, Weatherstate, BIG NOTHING, Berwanger, Harker, Problem Daughter, Radar State, TV COMA, Hey, Chels, Burnt Tapes, Bristol to Memory, The Architects, and more. All proceeds (after Bandcamp fees) will go to the ACLU.

Grab the comp. here:



You can check out more of WIRETAP RECORDS at ANY of the links below: