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The Pop Punk Dad FAQ


Q: Do you really have a kid?

A: Yes. A daughter.


Q: Does your daughter like the music you listen to?

A: It varies from band to band, mostly she listens to "Mommy music" because "Daddy music is poopie."


Q: Are you in a band?

A: Off and on. Primarily I write more songs than play shows anymore though.


Q: Is The Pop Punk Dad your job?

A: Yes and No. I want to make it my full-time gig but for now, I work a normal job as well.


Q: What do you do? (Job)

A: I work at an in-home care company for the elderly and disabled.


Q: How did you get your blog/site started?

A: About 2 years ago I started a blog that wasn't gaining a lot of traffic. Bands started pouring in out of every direction once I changed my niche'.


Q: Where can I buy TPPD Merch?



Q: Can you review/feature/interview my band?

A: Sure! Send all band inquiry to Please leave a bio or link to a bio on the band, EPK, music videos, etc along with the band's name and social media/website contact.


Q: Can I mail you something?

A: SURE! Click HERE for my mailing address!

Q: When will the next YouTube video be up?

A: Honestly, it's kind of sporadic at this point, however, I will continue to maintain 2-3 videos a week on the channel.


Q: What pop-punk bands do you like?

A: The list is just way too many, honestly. Top 5 will probably always be:

Blink-182, MxPx, Green Day, The Used & Fall Out Boy.

However, newer stuff is probably Modern Baseball, Neck Deep, The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck.


Q: What instruments do you play?

A: I'm a player of many, and a master of none. Keyboards, bass guitar, guitar, banjo, saxophone, harmonica. Primarily bass guitar and keyboards though.


Q: How do you pick the bands for TPPD site/blog/YouTube channel?

A: Whenever I receive an e-mail from a band, their name goes on a list of other bands that have messaged me. I try to feature bands in the order they've messaged me starting with the latest backdate. YouTube varies from show to show. Also depends on editing.


Q: What do you use to host your blog?

A: Wix


Q: What is your film set-up like?

A: I have a mount for my iPhone 7+ which is on a tripod. For sound, I have a RODE mini with a dead cat on it the plugs directly into my phone via dongle with the RODE app for mic settings.

With 1 on 1 interviews, I use 2 LAV mics sent to a splitter that plugs into the dongle with the same RODE app for mic settings. Simple. Effective. Cheap.


Q: What are your social media names?

A: Everything is @thepoppunkdad

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