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The Pop-Punk Dad is a blog that I started around 2016 with the intent to showcase the life of the “Average parent that still collects toys, comics, plays video games & goes to concerts.”

This blog is STILL full of grammatical errors, foul language, & opinions that you may or may not agree with.

Somewhere around the start of 2018 something amazing happened, which changed the course of my entire online persona. Bands from all over the planet messaged me telling me how “raw” my blogs were and entertaining, and that I should try interviewing/reviewing musicians and artists.

Without a second hesitation, I gave it a shot, & here we are today.

I love the community, musicians, & bands from around the globe that have found me and continue to seek me out all the while finding what binds us with our unique interests.


Why I made this site:

  1. I have a lot of punk and musician friends without kids that can't relate to a lot of what I have to say, so it's a lot of "deer in the headlights" situations or awkward silences when kid stuff is brought up.

  2. I love learning about new bands and music. I've always had a keen ear for giving a unique two cents on them and the Internet seems to be the place.

  3. I have a lot of things NON-parent related things that I'd like to say and this seems like the best outlet, especially for those both with and without kids to tune in.

  4. Most importantly; I know what it was like starting out as a dad not knowing what the hell to do. This site is for every guy that was in my pair of Hi-Tops a few years back. Even though I don't talk about kid's stuff all the time, I'm still a dad, and if you can find common interests with me, then you can also know that parenthood isn't the end of the world.


What's This Site About?

Punk'S Not DAD

- The Pop Punk Dad features artists from all around the globe. If you know of or are an awesome band, email me at:

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