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NU-95 - “Broken Home" SINGLE REVIEW


Ivan Edward Prochaska - Lead Vocals

Grant Yoder - Guitar/Vocals

Ramses Ramirez -Guitar/Vocals

Haley Garman - Bass

Daelon DaeDae Dodd - Drums


TDallas, TX alternative pop-punk rock quintet NU-95 have recently signed with rock label Standby Records and will be releasing their upcoming album ‘Fall Until We Fly’ on July 12.

The band has been killing it since their inception in 2015 with various lineup changes and sound progression over the years, the band finally stuck their landing with their latest single BROKEN HOME, the first tune from Fall Until We Fly.

Frontman Ivan Prochaska says “"Broken Home" is about the effects drug use has on a family. I have seen first hand families being ripped apart by it.”

You can tell the band's adoptive hardcore roots from the screaming countdown "1,2,3,4" at the beginning of the tune. From there it takes on a whole new personality transitioning from alternative to hardcore-esque all while keeping the pop-punk sound intact at core. BROKEN HOME is a ear blast full of high ranged vocals, chuggy riffs, insane drum fills and bits of hardcore screaming thrown in the mix for good measure. But don't take my word for it!

Check out the video for BROKEN HOME below!



Check out NU-95 on their spring 7-ELEVEN tour with Avanti and Taken By Tides this April! Tour Dates Below.


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