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Prague's alternative rock band ABYSS, WATCHING ME is a project started by singer-songwriter Egor Erushin. The project started in 2011 in Stavropol, Russia, and was originally meant to be a band. After releasing their debut ‘Don’t Take Away This Moment’ the band broke up, and was re-formed in 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic by Erushin.

With a new line-up, consisting of guitarist Vaclav Becvar, bassist Martin Krejcik, guitarist Nik Stanko and drummer Pavel Martinek, the band released their sophomore album 'Honesty' in 2016. The record had 3 singles: ‘The Oil, The Canvas’(featuring Garret Rapp of The Color Morale), ‘A Brand New You’ and ‘To Let Me Evolve’ (featuring Scott Barnes of In Fear And Faith). ‘Honesty’ was released April 2nd 2016. The album charted at #2 on Google Play Charts and #9 on Itunes Charts in Russia.

In 2016 the band announced the recording of their 3rd album, entitled ‘Ignite’ and released a music video for its first single, ‘Trustfall’. The line-up in the band was changed once again shortly after in 2017, with Stanko and Martinek replaced by Nikita Tarassenko and Jenny Cermakova, respectively.

In March of 2017 the band released the second single off ‘Ignite’ titled ‘Slipping’ via Dreambound. In May, the band was chosen to perform at the UEFA Women Under 17 Football championship. The final single off ‘Ignite’ titled ‘Apart’ was released with a music video through Dreambound in November of 2017. ‘Ignite’ was released 9th of December.

On September 25th 2018, the single titled ‘Like Knives’ was released through Dreambound. The single serves as an announcement of the 4th album, titled ‘Nix’. It was also announced that the project now only features Erushin and is now a one man band, but that is, as of now.

Erushin recently dropped the band's latest single, BEST BELIEVE which is available to stream NOW.


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