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alex the kid straight outta luck

Dale Barker - Guitar Trent Brand - Bass / Vocals Kadin Hall - Drums Ross Blackmore - Guitar James Matthews - Vocals

alex the kid

With a sound that I can only describe as the heart and soul of harder emo/melodic pop-punk bands from the early 2000's reimagined comes Australian West Coast Punk Rock ALEX THE KID. The band is following up their well received full-length album with a new 4 track EP entitled STRAIGHT OUTTA LUCK.



Their latest single VINYLS was released on their previous forthcoming full-length album which was inspired by their hometown of Geraldton. In ALEX THE KID's latest EP, all of their quirks and punches from their previous album. With influences like Jawbreaker, The Decline, The Wonder Years, A Wilhelm Scream and in my own personal opinion old school Taking Back Sunday.

The entire album hits the ground running with their opening track and album title STRAIGHT OUTTA LUCK with heavy drums, gang vocals and a catchy ass chorus. WHEN BABY HITS... is like the cross between a NOFX and Glassjaw tune with unique chord progressions, hardcore punk beats and yet another catchy ass chorus.

My favorite track from the album is ONE DAY WHEN YOU HEAR THIS which is like a cross between the first 2 tunes with hardcore punk beats, melodic riffs and gang vocals. Rounding out the album is NOTHING NEW, which was another fast as fuck tune with sing-a-long chorus, vocal harmonies, guitar solo, breakdowns and melodic-hardcore punk beats. The entire album doesn't waver or slow down one bit, and I hope to see more from these guys in 2019.


You can check out more of ALEX THE KID at ANY of the links below: