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sanders ep

Pittsburgh punk rock iconoclasts ANTI-FLAG will be plenty busy in 2023. The band just kicked off their winter North American touring campaign alongside the legendary Flogging Molly, and today they are dropping a new music video for the song “Shallow Graves”.

Another heart-wrenching salvo off their new full-length, Lies They Tell Our Children’, the track features guest vocals from burgeoning folk singer/songwriter Tré Burt, and touches on the ugly and inhumane passages of the American story.

The band shares:

"We were really adamant about creating a visual accompaniment for this song. To us, ‘Shallow Graves’ is a perfect encapsulation of the intention and concept of the new album. The evil and vile history of the United States of America, when traced back, creates a clear lineage of how its violent history begets its violent present begets its violent future.

"Drawing the parallels between the slaughtering of native peoples allowing for massive land grabs that lead to the thirst for the enslavement of Africans and the expansion of the slave trade. Moving further west to exploit Chinese migrant workers, Mexican males, and the creation of immoral border and immigration laws that are the framework for the mistreatment of immigrant and refugee communities today. Not to mention its ties to the modern NRA architect Harlon Carter, it’s just a breeding ground of evil.”

On the “Shallow Graves” video, they add: “INDECLINE and Pedro Millás were able to demonstrate and tell this story in a more beautiful and cinematic way than we could have ever hoped. We are grateful for their talent and vision. It’s a bit of a futile task for a 2min long punk song to attempt to summarize the fact that the ground beneath your feet, currently, no matter where you are, is rife with injustice and blood.”

You can check out ANTI-FLAG’s new single SOLD EVERYTHING as well as upcoming tour dates and track listing below!!