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A Reason For This - Crappy EP ALBUM REVIEW

A REASON FOR THIS is an acoustic act that has all of the catchy, pop-punk lyrical hooks there and at the same time reminds me of my adolescents in my bedroom when I was 15 and it was just me, my guitar, an idea, and a notebook.


"I've always had a fragile mind, I blame it on my fucked up life. I always run away from fights, too busy fighting wars inside."

Chris Quinn, better known as A REASON FOR THIS hailing from Glasgow Scotland, just released his newest record, a 5 song EP affectionately called a "Crappy EP" with a self-titled name. It offers up a pop-punk emotional roller coaster of songs all written and recorded by him.

The songs are all fucking killer. They sound like a total Boxcar Racer or Neck Deep acoustic cut. The only aggravation is that as a musician I hear all of these crazy bass guitar, drum fills, 3rd and 5th harmony (not the band 5th Harmony), breakdowns, etc; in my head to these incredible songs and they're not there.

It Hurts - Angels & Airwaves COVER

Like a song like This Place is Still The Same reminds me of Kali Ma by Neck Deep with the sick rhythm changes, vocal melody changes and "chuggie" parts.

Or a tune like The Home in My Head reminds me of the chord progressions Knuckle Puck uses but the vocal melodies used in the TOYPAJ record.

You be the judge! And check out A REASON FOR THIS new self-titled Crappy EP.


Check out more of A REASON FOR THIS at ANY of the links below:

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