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ATLANTIC WASTELAND - “It's Mid-July, Take Off the Beanie" SINGLE REVIEW

Atlantic Wasteland

Sam Quatrini

Ausinette Rodriguez

Dan Downie

Tom Hopton

Jerrod Borkey

Atlantic Wasteland

Any band hailing from the steel-city of Pittsburgh, PA feels like home and is near and dear to my heart which is exactly what pop-punk quintet ATLANTIC WASTELAND is.

With influences ranging decades all over the pop-punk and punk rock spectrum from bands like blink-182 and Green Day to more modern pop-punk like Knuckle Puck and Moose Blood the band combine elements of emo, pop punk and alternative rock to harness their own unique sound.

Atlantic Wasteland’s sound creates a vast experience through many intertwined sub-genres. Having no desire to be put in a box, they continue to write music & explore opportunities that defy the status quo of what an alternative rock band is expected to be. Finding ways to differentiate themselves from their peers is what defines Atlantic Wasteland as a fresh take on modern rock.

Upcoming shows:

2.21 - Grove City College- Grove City, PA w/ Young Lungs

3.7 - The Rex Theater - Pittsburgh, PA w/ Our Last Night & The Dangerous Summer

The band recently dropped their forthcoming single "It's Mid-July Take Off The Beanie" which is a tune about getting back at an ex. Quatrini (vocals/guitar) says of the track:

"Beanie is a bit of a slam track about one of my friend’s exes. He was...not a nice guy to keep it professional; he did a lot of psychological damage and that’s just not cool to take advantage of someone in that way. I think he’s grown up a lot since then, but I already wrote the song and it’s way too much fun to not release – sorry, my guy! As for the video, the song itself just makes me wanna dance, so it felt right to have some awesome choreography in there. We try not to take ourselves too seriously and I think that was pretty clear throughout the video - it was a ton of fun to make and we’re ecstatic with how it turned out."

-Listen to It's Mid-July, Take Off The Beanie below!


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