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The French punk rock quartet Bare Teeth started out like any other band (at least my own) started out: "in a crap basement and cheap amplifiers, buzzing so loud they made our ears bleed" direct words from the guys themselves.

Hailing from Lille France, Bare Teeth is a band that draws influence from anyone from A Wilhelm Scream to Propagandhi while also bringing some trash metal riffs into the mix and don't repudiate some typically pop melodies, that comes from their respective backgrounds in different projects. And though while on the course of that influential sound of punk rock and hardcore doesn't like to pigeonhole themselves with labels.

Since then, the band has already successfully toured Europe and the UK as well as Japan and China in 2018. Bare Teeth also had the opportunity to open for some well-known acts such as A Wilhelm Scream, Belvedere, Satanic Surfers, Tagada Jones, SNFU, Such Gold and Not Scientists.After a 3-track demo in 2015, Bare Teeth released their debut EP "First The Town, Then The World", mixed by Trevor Reilly (A Wilhelm Scream - USA) and featuring guest vocals by Steve Rawles (Belvedere, This Is A Standoff - Canada) in May 2017.

The band will soon unveil an international punk split, along with Nerdlinger (Australia), Down Memory Lane (Canada) and Shames (Japan). While waiting for this promising split to be out, each respective international band has revealed an exclusive track, and Bare Teeth are really proud to present their forthcoming single “Running Wild”! You can check out RUNNING WILD below or click the link HERE.


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