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CUP CHECK - A Beautiful Day To Save Lives ALBUM REVIEW

From beginning to end, Chicago pop-punk band Cup Check's new EP Continuity is an upbeat pop-punk thriller that hits you with crazy fills, hooks and catchy lyrics all the way through that tattoos their identity as a band in your ears.


"You've got your emotions color-coated. I've got these words locked & loaded." - Cup Check


Although the 5 piece band solidified their line up in the summer of 2016, they have been dishing out music since 2015. With each member contributing to the writing process, the midwest band throws ideas at the table, layering them and adding lyrical themes to the entire overall process of the EP.

With their brand new EP Continuity, they chose to write about isolation, hope, mental struggles, honesty and the ability to overcome heartbreak. I can honestly say that with each song, it was as though I felt what they were going through and I could relate in some way or another.

It's a Beautiful Day to Save Lives

In support of their album, Cup Check recently released a brand new music video for "It's a Beautiful Day to Save Lives".

Each track will have a special place in your "TMNT pizza-filled pop-punk broken emo hearts." It's like Knuckle Puck meets Real Friends with the RIOT! years of Paramore.


Favorite Tracks



It's a Beautiful Day to Save Lives

Check out more of Cup Check and their newest EP at any of the links below.


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