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DAD HATS - The Second Longest Driveway in Indiana ALBUM REVIEW

"As long as we're stuck in here, we might as well be productive..."

easy strand

Tyler Coleman

Joe Halberstadt

Nathan Sorg

Craig Turner

forgotton sons group

DAD HATS, a band that has a name that I can get into. Hailing from Nashville, TN this indie rock quartet has that southern indie rock charm mixed with the grit of upbeat pop-punk.

Their latest album THE SECOND LONGEST DRIVEWAY IN INDIANA is an all around, feel good album that brings an indie rock vibe reminiscent of bands like The Killers, Deathcab for Cutie and Vampire Weekend, with each tune bringing together a signature clean riff, one of a kind to each track, giving it that indie rock vibe and yet still adding a more modern rock/pop-punk feel to the mix with upbeat fast drum beats and fills to give each tune a more unified and definitive sound all to their own.

TSLDIA is honest and humble from front to back, even greeting you on track 1 and Dad Hats latest single FAST FRIENDS with an automated voice welcoming you to the record.



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