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DIG DEEP - "It's Okay, You Can Listen to Pop-Punk Again" ALBUM REVIEW


Andres Mendieta- Vocals Will Faraone- Guitar James Pomar- Guitar Alex Baldwin- Bass Dom Frizino- Drums


I knew by the album title alone, that I was going to love New Jersey pop-punk group DIG DEEP. Their debut album "IT'S OKAY YOU CAN LISTEN TO POP-PUNK AGAIN" dropped back in April and is all as pop-punk as the EP title suggests.

The quintet, (why that word isn't called PENTATET is aggravating...moving on) have a straight up, in your face, modern pop-punk feel and sound from the first downbeat. The catchy guitar riffs, heartfelt hooks, heavy breakdowns, and tight harmonies jam pack each song to the brim while also highlight each track in its own unique way.

Dig Deep GROUP

SNERK WERK was previously released as a single leading up to DIG DEEP's debut EP IOYCLTPPA (damn that's a long abbreviation.) The tune starts out with a melody line guitar riff that jumps right into an upbeat verse that is filled with one of my guilty pleasures, harmonies. The tune takes off with a breakdown about midway through and then snaps back to the verse like nothing ever happened. The tune carries on, then suddenly grows from a pop-punk teen to a pop-punk man with it's 2nd breakdown for the last sixth of the song all while carrying vocals, harmonies and chants on its shoulders.


DIG DEEP'S album itself starts out like a bat out of hell with opening track CANDYLAND that takes the popular board game and sticks it in the world of pop-punk suburban living. Friends. Angst. Teenage Heartbreak. (I'd watch that).

The rest of the EP's tunes like BETTER WEATHER and RUE THE DAY are straight up in your face, emotional driven pop punk tunes about love loss, growing up and getting over.

DIG DEEP's overall sound is very reminiscent of the latter years of New Found Glory meets All Time Low (circa Dear Maria) with a splash of Real Friends given their intense emotion and high vocal range. YOU BE THE JUDGE!


OH! and you can catch the guys this coming weekend (07/07/18) opening up for SECRETS at the Championship Bar in Trenton, NJ. CLICK HERE FOR TIX!



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