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Divided Minds - Mood Swings ALBUM REVIEW

"You fucked me up, when is the next lie?

I'll come over just to say my last goodbye..."

colour me wednesday group

Sean Collins - Lead Vocals/Guitar Joshua Peters – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals Deven Palay – Drums Ethan-Bass and Back-up Vocals


Recently signing to We Are Triumphant, Arizona rock/pop band DIVIDED MINDS, bring their forthcoming EP "Mood Swings." The 6 track album brings emotion, heart, and hard hitting pop rock/punk songs about relationships, heartbreak and growing up.


DIVIDED MINDS are no strangers to "the scene" having been around since 2014 opening up for acts like The Summer Set, and SLAVES as well as frequent rotation on KWSS 93.9 and ALT-AZ 93.3, touring regional circuits which nabbed the attention of Greg Long (We Are Triumphant owner.)

2018's MOOD SWINGS is a perfect example of a band utilizing every aspect of their sub-genre to their advantage. Bringing killer singles "Don't Get Too Close" & "I Forget You" to the forefront, packed with punchy beats, and raw lyrics then toned down with pure heart with a ballad/acoustic like "Elizabeth" and brought to a hard closure with some alternative stylings and screaming with "Life's Overrated"


Mood Swings is a great well rounded record which reminds me of early 2000's pop-punk bands who have evolved and their sound back then such as Good Charlotte, All American Rejects and All Time Low.


Check out the links below for tour, tunes and more from Divided Minds:

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