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Black Label Society

Ben Hardy- vocals, guitar Johnny Friedman- drums Dusty Sikes- bass Logan Van Frank- lead guitar​

BLS Group

When I say that a band is near and dear to my heart it's because I tend to share something in common with them, either it be their musical preference/influence or something more personal on a much larger scale. This couldn't be more truer than with the Memphis, Tn. rock quartet FEAR. THE SPARROW.

With influences ranging from bands like Jimmy Eat World, old Weezer, old Green Day combined with some Yellowcard and The Used to an overall sound rooted back to the mid 90's and early 2000's with a splash of 80's rock thrown in for good measure. Oh did I mention, 3/4 of the band are fellow punk rock dads themselves.

The band dropped their forthcoming single PANIC back in the latter half of 2018, a tune full of melodic foundation, killer harmonies and hooky riffs. The tune has a straight driving rock sound with just enough alternative edge to keep it on the rock side of the spectrum, reminiscent of a more modern Foo Fighters sound coupled with a grittiness and dare I say "emo-ness" without being too overbearing like an early Get Up Kids.

If your more in the mood for something slower and more somber, their other single CRITICAL which just landed its 1 year anniversary for the band this past March is a slower and even more melodic driving tune full of some sick riffs, delay guitar and vocal parts (call and response) and a sick catchy driving chorus that really shows the band's 80's rock/metal roots.


Check out both tunes +MORE below!


You can check out more of FEAR. THE SPARROW at ANY of the links below:



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