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FELICITY x GREYSON ZANE Announce New Single Emo Trash!


Andrew Rapier - Guitar

Cory Nicholas - Guitar

Damien Fagiolino - Vocals

Mike Alosa – Bass

Rashid Williams - Drums

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Orlando trash-rock band FELICITY is getting in touch with their emo side on their forthcoming single “Emo Trash”. The track, set to be released on August 29th via Zodhiac Records, is a collaboration with longtime friend Greyson Zane. Pre-save the track now, here:

Produced by Andy Karpovck, “Emo Trash” is as sarcastically tongue-in-cheek as it is whole-heartedly genuine, the anthem for a generation of music listeners caught between the good old days and tomorrow’s great unknown. Zane and FELICITY vocalist Damien Fagiolino trade lines (and references, from genre mainstays Taking Back Sunday to cult classics like Every Avenue), distilling your local emo night into a two-and-a-half-minute sugar bomb set against a backdrop of classic pop-punk spit-shined with modern flair and boisterous gang vocals.

As an homage to the classics, ‘Emo Trash’ gives salute to the greatest bands we all grew up listening to,” the band shares. “From spending summers at Warped Tour to driving out of town with friends to a new venue for a headlining show, this song serves as the daily reminder that we’re all forever emo kids – and that this was never a phase.

Greyson Zane adds, "Working in the studio with FELICITY and Andy K writing "Emo Trash" feels like yesterday. The song came together so quickly you could blink and miss it. The vibe when writing the music was immaculate. Everything just came out so naturally. We all were on the same wavelength.

“Emo Trash” serves as a follow-up to FELICITY’s recent singles “Levitate” and “GOD MODE”. The songs have recently captured the attention of idobi Radio, The Honey Pop, Loudwire’s Weekly Wire, Emo Nite, and more, in addition to being added to Spotify’s Fresh Finds Rock playlist. Fans were treated to their first live performance of the “Levitate” shortly after its release, as the band headed to LA for a sold out show with The Used as well as a performance at Emo Nite LA.

Known for their fun and playful presence on social media, earlier this year FELICITY broke 123K followers on TikTok with 1.6M likes. With recent collaborations on the app featuring State Champs, Hawthorne Heights and Calling All Captains, and upcoming collaborations with Magnolia Park and Capstan, these songs are just the beginning of FELICITY's eight explosive new singles coming in the next year. Stay tuned for more at

Check out Felicity's latest single GOD MODE plus more below!


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