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fever days

Drums - Jef Hass Rhythm Guitar/Vocals - Daan Proost Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals - Pieter-Jan Lenaerts Bass - Rik De Meirsman​

fever days GROUP

Pop-punk quartet FEVER DAYS recently released their debut EP This Place Of Ours via Bearded Punk Records.

The band has been busy in 2018 dropping 2 music videos with another in the filming process as well as averaging 3 shows a month and dropping their EP.

The guys have this young, fresh new sound combined with the angst of bands from the early 2000's pop-punk era. To me the guys are a brilliant cross between The Ataris and Neck Deep with fast punchy pop-punk tunes, raspy lead vocals, killer vocal harmonies and distorted guitar riffs.

Opening track REBUILD kicks off in a sick crescendo build-up to a head busting breakdown, I love the guitar pull-offs in this tune, it's short and sweet and it's 2 lines of lyrics get to the point. FIVE YEARS has a lot of dynamics to it, with drum fill stop-breaks, a catchy as hell lead riff and a gang sing-a-long chorus. QUICK TO RUN is the best example of the comparison of Ataris meets Neck Deep with that modern pop-punk sound still knowing it's earlier roots.

WAIT FOR ME dials it back a million decibels with this somber acoustic tune with ambient orchestral fills, and 2-3 part harmony. The tune reminds me kind of of What Went Wrong? by blink-182 the way that it's arranged. The album rounds out by picking it back up with my favorite track of the album WITHOUT YOU. It's got all of the usual suspects of a pop-punk tune with the bands own one-of-a-kind blend, like if New Found Glory met Neck Deep. You can check out Fever Days latest single WAIT FOR ME below!




You can check out more of FEVER DAYS at ANY of the links below: