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Two years after Austrian rock/pop-punk trio FRIDAY'S SPIRIT dropped their debut EP “Parts”, they're are back with a brand new single, titled “TSTT”, showcasing their punk and rock influences.

The song "TSTT” actually means "Trans-Siberian Thunder Tiger" and is based on a real story, reported by the UK newspaper METRO. In 2016, a man, allegedly from the Czech Republic, was filmed by hidden cameras, running 15 and a half miles naked through a forested area near the Czech-Polish border. The police later on reported that he had taken the hallucinatory drug LSD, which made him feel like he had become a Siberian tiger. A story like that, needs a song written about it.

The band goes on to talk about the innocent saying: "At first, when we read about it, we were just joking around. However, the more we laughed and talked about it, the more we were trying to re-create the circumstances that had led to this bizarre transformation. In fact, he also mentioned that he had always felt connected to the animal. So, hands down, how cool is that? I mean, you could take it as a reference to ‘wanting to break out’, or you could just picture a naked man running through a forest. We prefer the latter.”

Though the video doesn't match the song's meaning there's plenty of running through he woods over this solid rock tune. TSST is an aggressive alternative rock meets punk rock roots driven song that reminds me of a cross between Rise Against (Prayer of the Refugee) and The Offspring (Kids Aren't Alright). With straight forward rock beats at its roots, raspy vocals with harmonies, and dips and dodges of different riffs and licks that at times slip into mini guitar solos, this song is a total radio jammer. But don't take my word for it!

Check out the video for TSST by FRIDAY'S SPIRIT below!


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