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Meet FUBAR - The Hunt For Inspiration (INTERVIEW)

Jake- Guitar/Vocals Matt - Bass Dave- Guitar/Vocals Jordan- Drums​


Since their debut in 2011, Pittsburgh PA's FUBAR have been keeping the vibe of the reggae/ska rock sound alive and kicking proving that punk and ska are far from dead. Similar to bands like Authority Zero, Less Than Jake and Sublime, the band blends reggae-rock chord progressions with up tempo and feel-good melodies fused with harder punk rock overtones.

With nearly a decade of shows, tours and albums under their belt, sharing the stage with national acts including Authority Zero, H.R. (of Bad Brains) and the Dubb Agents, Death by Stereo, 40 Oz to Freedom (Sublime Tribute), The Supersuckers and Polkadot Cadaver, just to name a few and recently performing on the last cross-country Vans Warped Tour in their own hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

The guys dropped a new album in October of 2018 entitled THE HUNT FOR INSPIRATION which is now being praised on local publications and has been added to rotation to local radio stations. You can check out THE HUNT FOR INSPIRATION on all digital streaming services. CLICK HERE FOR SPOTIFY!




I recently had the opportunity to chat with Jake from FUBAR while in-between the new year about their latest album THE HUNT FOR INSPIRATION, experience on Warped Tour, having a line of Tech-Dech toy merch +MORE!


TPPD: So does the band's name come from the acronym "Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition"?

FUBAR: Yes, it does. Mostly referring to our state of mind when we started the band back in 2011 and the state of the world all the time.

TPPD: Other band names tossed around?

FUBAR: Oh man were there... We didn