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Rumors have surfaced that GREEN DAY, FALL OUT BOY, and WEEZER are set to tour together sometime in the near future which is being dubbed "The Hella Mega Tour." The Hella Mega Tour is basically be a world tour as it's said to be in dozens of cities all over the world, with Event Groups already popping up all over the web.

As I've said, everything is still in the rumors stage of things and an official announcement hasn't been made but clues to the tour are surfacing on the internet such as this show flyer, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Accounts made @HellaMegaTour which started back in July of 2019, a Facebook Events page which is scheduled for June 13th of 2020 at the Paris La Défense Arena in Nanterre, France, official Facebook page and website which leads you to a blank screen that reads "password" with the background of Dwight from The Office, you can check out here:


Other clues to the tour point to the several mock merchandise made for the

tour thus far portraying members of one band with the band name of another on the merch such as this Weezer shirt featuring the members of Fall Out Boy


Billie Joe Armstrong himself took to Instagram tagging both Pete from Fall Out Boy and River from Weezer in a Rainn Wilson post with the mention "hella mega".