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Hit The Switch

So Cal thrash pop-punks HIT THE SWITCH have an obscure yet unique beginning. As quoted on their Facebook About Section:

hit the switch

"One day not long ago, there was a storm that changed the entire galaxy...The sky grew dark grey with cracks of white, thunder shook the rain from the clouds, lightning struck the earth with such great force, that planet earth broke from its orbit and crashed into Mars, creating the astroid belt. It was at this moment that the Gods created music to calm the galactic storm, it sounded something like Coldplay, or maybe Dave Matthews... Anyway, 5 billion years later, these random four schmucks came together to make music that would invoke the return of the once great, galactic storm."

Though their origins are questionable, also listing "" as their official band homepage, one thing is for certain, their sound is not. With huge and heavy driving hardcore punk beats, ridiculous high ranged vocals with the 3rd and lower vocal harmonies bellowing in the background, fast paced, down-picking guitar and thundering bass all wrapped into this hardcore thrash punk meets a sort-of modern pop-punk sound.

HIT THE SWITCH, previously under Nitro Records which brought their 2006 LP DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY & SOCIAL JUSTICE, which is just as well packed full of punk rock jams reminiscent of early 90's California punk rock pioneers like NOFX & Bad Religion. The band have been hard at work on a new album and their new record EN*TROPIC coming at you via BIRD ATTACK RECORDS (available everywhere Sept 25, 2018) seems to hold true to their earlier sound which is music to my ears (pun intended) giving fresh new faces to such a throwback sound.



New Full Length: "Entropic” available Sept 25, 2018 on Bird Attack Records!


You can check out more of HIT THE SWITCH at ANY of the links below

Hit The Switch



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