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Hoi-Poi Farplane Wind - "In The New Review"

Kostas Grammadas - guitar / vox Theodore Dodoussis - bass / bax vox Andrew Ampatzidis - guitar / keys / bax vox Alex Grekos - drums


By their name alone, this pop-punk/emo band from Thessaloniki, Greece HOI-POI FARPLANE WIND are either gaming nerds or hit the random generator button one too many times to land this gem of a band name. In short, Farplane Winds (I hope) are from Final Fantasy X/X-2 where you can obtain a bunch of the little bastards as "death proof items" to add to armor and whatnot throughout the game.

Video game tutorial aside, their new EP was released on 1/3/18 entitled Dread & Vision out through Nasty Cut Records. The 3 song EP reminds me 100% of a pop-punk Foo Fighters. I wish these guys would make a cover of Everlong or something! Even lead singer Kostas voice is pretty uncanny. You be the judge!


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