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NLG Records has put out a new single "Jewelry" by DJ Stadium, Lil Xan and PH4DE.

nlg records

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I hardly ever feature hip-hop on here. Why? Because I'm "The Pop-Punk Dad" not The Hip-Hop Dad, although if this blog ever starts to tank, The Hip Hop Dad might be the ticket out.

This news sparked my interest whenever I learned that NLG Records an Ohio based independent hip hop label, recently partnered with Black17/Sony/The Orchard for distribution among others. It's always awesome for me to see a label come out of a place that's so close to home for me.

The label is founded by owner Nicholas Moore who also runs the underground rock/pop label InVogue Records whom I've featured a number of times on here including bands like Hotel Books and Punchline. Side Note: Nicholas was also the vocalist of the Rise Records recording band Before Their Eyes.

A music video was shot at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles that will be released in the coming weeks for the new single by Dj Stadium entitled Jewelry which features Lil Xan and PH4DE. Audio streamThe music video features appearances by Lil Xan, Nick Nack Pattiwhack, Jaden Edge and many more.

You can check out the audio stream of the tune below:

DJ Stadium: Jewelry (Feat. Lil Xan, PH4DE)


You can check out more artists from NLG Records and artists on Jewelry at ANY of the links below:





CHECK OUT DJ Stadium and the rest of the band's I've featured here:

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