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Grand Theft Autumn (Top 10 video games with licensed music)

There's a lot of rad games out there with a ton of rad soundtracks, from Chrono Trigger and & Contra with their fast up tempo fast picking, in your fast 8-16 bit paradiddles to hurry your ass through the level, to the much more melodic The Legend of Zelda, & Final Fantasy series games which crescendo you through the entire game. And then there are those games which are straight EPIC like your Elder Scrolls, Bio Shocks, and even 2D games like Crystalis (the original) and Mega Man.

But then there are games that don't have their own soundtrack, they used licensed music by musicians and artists. Some may think it's lazy but for these games, it simply immerses the gamer deeper into the atmosphere of the game. For some games, they must depend solely on the licensed music. Without it the game wouldn't survive. Let's go deep into the circle pit in this countdown.


10.) Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution has been quintessential centerpiece for most modern arcades of the last 20 years. Having first blown up in Japan back in 1998, it took off like a bat out of hell in the states all over arcades nation wide. In recent years with the help of consoles like the Nintendo Wii, fans of the game can take the fun right into their own home. Now with the game as part of a home platform, users who were too shy to use it publicly can so behind closed doors, or save money on all those damn tokens, use it for beer and have a drunk DDR party! What? Don't act like no one has busted out the mats before.


9.) Amplitude


Before there were hand held guitars coming out of your gaming console there was a game back in 2003 called Amplitude, not to be confused with the slightly more expensive DAW plug-in by IK Multimedia.

No this game was a primitive version of Guitar Hero using only the joystick, L, R, and Trigger buttons. Like DDR for your hands. The game allowed players to test their skills in areas of difficulty in mixing and remixing hit songs by shooting music notes in various other worldly musical environments while navigating a space craft grabbing awesome power ups like score doublers and freestylers as you go. You could customize characters and unlock a shit ton of awesome songs from bands/artists like blink-182, Quarashi, Weezer and Slipknot.

Although the soundtrack was limited; the genres, like Guitar Hero were vast and the number of difficulty levels made trying the songs over again like beating a different level.

In recent years, the Internet masses have come together for another game, and well, "the people have spoken" and Playstation agreed to release another game after a KickStarter for the game was made.