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LaserChrist Album

Mitch Gallant (Guitar, Vocals) Mathew Hannah (Guitar, Vocals) Josh Pitre (Synth) Chris Barrett (Bass) Ryan Gallant (Drums)

Laser Christ Group

From FIRST IMPRESSION to final track this Canadian quintet from Prince Edward Island is packed with a retro pop-synth sound combined with the edginess of pop-punk. With their latest EP FRIENDS FLOORS which is out TODAY, the band combines the early 2000's pop-punk sound with synth bass melodic riffs.

I'm a sucker for a few things and these guys have it all. Tight 2-3 part harmonies, a retro 70's or 80's feel (huge hair metal fan), combined with pop-punk of course and keyboards, keyboards, keyboards. Their first single THESE DAYS off of FRIENDS FLOORS which was released SEPT. 14th is an awesome pop-punk throwback to the early 2000's super suggestive of Fall Out Boy circa 2003 with the charming touch of modern pop-punk bands like Seaway.



The rest of the album is always dynamically changing with synth melodies, heavy drums and that overall 80's nostalgic feel.

Tunes like title track FRIENDS FLOORS opens up like a tune that would most definitely have been on top 40's circulation in the early 1980's with choir-like vocals, sawtooth synth patches and simple Phil Collins style drums (ya know what I'm talking about.) The tune opens up into a completely different world with something that would have been a bonus track on FOB's Cork Tree album.

The opening track FIRST IMPRESSION has a Motion City Soundtrack meets Neon Trees with that overall nostalgic feel of the past with a synth based riff that's throughout the entire song, a jumpy drum arrangement reminding me of something Academy Is or Boys Like Girls would use, sick vocal harmonies and sing-a-long chorus.

SAFETY FIRST is a tune that takes more of a modern approach. It still has that synth and FOB feel but has more of a harder punk rock rooted edge, kind of reminds me of tune from MxPx's Panic album. #BESTSUMMEREVER is a straight pop-punk tune. It's a cross between All American Rejects meets NFG circa 2004. It's one of the slower and longer tunes on the record and would definitely be the "ballad" of the EP.

The closing track GIRL NEXT DOOR reminds me of a cross breed between a State Champs tune meets Bowling For Soup (Girl All The Bad Guys Want.) The tune still has that throwback/ synth charm with that square wave synth patch that does this cool call-and-response with the vocal melody.



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