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Luke Seymoup - Guitar/Vocals

Brendan Kelly - Keys/Vocals Rhys Cogley - Bass Martyn Richmond - Drums

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If LUKE SEYMOUP's name rings a bell, it's probably because you might know him from indie record label WHISK & KEY RECORDS.

While his passion for his own art took a backseat for a brief sting while still maintaining focus on other musicians, Luke follows up his release of “Uke Seymoup” earlier this year, with a fresh new return with a concept EP entitled BURNETT STREET, stating: "This is my big return to ska after not playing it for a long time so I'm very excited about it!"

While the album might be the FIRST EVER "Ska Opera" it's like THE WARRIORS meets THE AMORY WARS tying in a mixture of concept storyline, horn line and punk rock vibe. BURNETT STREET was tracked by Luke over several sleepless nights before ultimately being mixed and mastered by Daniel Antix (Nerdlinger, The Suicide Tuesdays, The Great Awake) at Def Wolf Studios in Sydney, AUS.

His first single from the album, "Burnett Street Pt. 1: First Blood" was released the same day his entire EP dropped. The tune is reminiscent of an old school Less Than Jake meets Bosstones vibe with a sick storyline following the video. The music video itself is impressive while Luke (unless he has a twin) plays all of the characters in it. (Trust me, I know what that's like, I did it with my own band.)

Other tunes on the record are just as awesome and unique. A tune like "Convalescence" is a very somber and droney ska song, which is almost cabaret. It's an awesomely complex way of writing and I didn't know it was possible to make such a bi-polar song from the ska genre since it is always upbeat and happy no matter what the topic of the tune. The song is about being sick in a hospital to which the medical term convalescence literally means "time spent re-cooperating from an illness."

A tune like "I Fought Spinner Manson (And Won)" is like an old school Seedy, Op. Ivy tune meets a modern Big D and the Kids Table with traditional ska chords, poppy snare and of course, a killer horn line. The closing track to the album "FIN" is more like your upbeat traditional ska tune, while still giving a healthy dose of Luke's gritty, punk rock style thrown into the writing. I hope FIN is an ironic plot twist to Luke's project and I hope to hear more tunes from him in the future.

As he's said "Death to all but Ska".


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