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Maypine Group

Jase - Ld. Vox Dan - Rhy. Guitar/vox

Becky - Ld. Guitar/vox

Tommy - Bass

James - Drums


- "As a band we decided to remove our debut EP from all streaming platforms. This is not to say we're not proud of it, but we just felt that we needed to be as authentic as possible and to write songs that reflect who we are, not who we felt we needed to be."


Brighton UK quintet, MAYPINE chose their name on the basis that it wouldn't tie them to any specific genre. And damn it, were they right. Trying to pinpoint influences, musical origins and "current mood" during a writing process is fucking impossible, which makes them a great fucking band. No labels. No gimmicks. Let the music speak for itself. Along with this, they decided to pull their debut EP "Bend/Break" from ALL streaming sites.

Gathering inspiration from a Trophy Eyes documentary, MAYPINE recorded "Bend/Break" utilizing each member's individual inspirations and influences rather than using the obvious" The EP became therapeutic record for MAYPINE at times drawing influence from all ends of the alt. rock spectrum including Thrice, PVRIS and Nirvana.

"I had so many emotions and so much frustration that I need to expel through music. It's dfinitely helped the healing process." - Jase


Their new single GIVE, I can only best describe as "aggressively real." Hearing no distinct one influence, it shows the band's ability to show their raw self.

As for the video, front to back it mirrors GIVE's intensity. Filmed in S. Peter's Church in Brighton, the group performance video follows "Bend/Break's" color scheme featuring red lighting filling dark spaces with flashes of bright white light hitting intense moments of the song as their overall album art did.



29th June - Atomic, Wrexham

30th June - Singleshot, Leeds

1st July - The Victoria, Birmingham

6th July - The Junction, Ashford

7th July - The Slaughtered Lamb, London

8th July - Bar 42, Worthing

Maypine bend break

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