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Radio Radio Radio! (Top 10 albums that got me into punk rock)

With the announcement of Warped Tour and the excitement going around I figured I'd leave today a post of what albums got me into punk rock music.

I don't listen to a lot of new music. I don't listen to the radio, or to a lot of new punk music. I don't listen to a lot of anything really. I write my own songs, and listen to those, but other than that, the only other thing I listen to are songs from the bands I'm in and songs from the bands that gave me structure, songs from about 10-15 years ago that got me into punk rock in the first place.

Now granted, I have entire 500GB hard drives fucking brimmed with discographies from bands, (thank you LimeWire, for all of your memories, scares and viruses on my old PC.) Anyways, my point is, everyone has that one band, or that couple core group of records that got them into a certain genre. Well here's mine.


The Casualties: On The Frontline

I'm not fucking around straight out of the gate with this list. This band kicked my ass the first time I saw them and the first time I heard them. My friends went and saw them at Warped Tour and after hearing their experience of lead singer Jorge spitting into the crowd with a 2 foot orange mohawk, I was instantly fascinated. I immediately went out and got this record, and that was it.


AFI: Sing The Sorrow

Two versions of this album were releaased, I had the red version. I remember this album happening right when video streaming online just started to take off and the "Girl's Not Grey" video being creepy as fuck with Rabbits following a girl around a tree. I think they were trying to make fun of the Stone Temple Pilots "Sour Girl" in that video, whatever. With only 4 guys there's so much solid sound and lead singer Davey Havok does just that, sing, so guitar and bass cover a lot of ground to make things sound so full and awesome. Every track on that album though is fucking killer, everyone remembers it most for "The Leaving Song Pt. 2". This record alone got me into AFI, which took me a few steps in the past and got me into The Cure.


Green Day: American Idiot