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mxpx franco

Mike Herrera - Vocals, Bass

Tom Wisniewski - Guitar

Yuri Ruley - Drums


"Punk Rawk" legends MxPx are back again releasing their highly anticipated 11th studio album entitled "FIND A WAY HOME" recorded at bassist/lead vocalist Mike Herrera's own home studio Monkey Trench Studios and mixed, produced, and engineered by Ryan Furlott.

FIND A WAY HOME is a 13-track composition of some of MxPx's greatest songs yet, that take it back to the roots of the Teenage Politics and Slowly Going The Way of the Buffalo days with the modern edginess of their 2018 self-titled album.

Opening track "NOT TODAY" is a straight kick to the teeth, a blasting 2 minute and 12 seconds of blasting, fast punk rock to start off the album. Track two "This Is What You Told Me" is a nice throwback sonically to The Ever Passing Moment Days with unexpected minor chords, a catchy tagging chorus, and overall groove.

"What I Tell Myself's" intro is a reminiscent build-up of Well Adjusted from the band's Before Everything and After album while the rest of the song is it's own thing. It's a straightforward pop-punk song about hope and not giving up. "Cautious Optimistic" is one of my favorite tracks of the entire record. The writing style reminds me of Punk Rock Celebrity from the band's Secret Weapon album for some reason but it's so original that I can't place my finger on anything else it reminds me of.

"Excuse My French" is such a fun song on this album. It's like a cross between some of the newer NOFX music that's been written with old-school Zebrahead topped with MxPx's own special secret sauce. I love how throughout this entire album there are so many unexpected parts that are these amazing little dividers between chorus and verses which really shine bright on this track as well as the following track and first single from the album "Stay Up All Night". I knew this new MxPx album was going to be a banger when I first heard Stay Up All Night when it dropped about a month ago. If you want an amazing breakdown of this track, check out Mike talking on THIS PODCAST about the song with Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake.

Track 7's "Ready To Rage" is a bat out of hell on fire. It's melodic hardcore punk at its finest. It's got Bad Religion vibes written all over it with the harmonies and the "ahhhhs" in the chorus while also giving me the nostalgic vibes of MxPx's Panic album. "Undone" is track 8 and this tune is MxPx at their finest. All of the quips and quirks that make MxPx who they are shine brightly in this song from the fast punk beats from Yuri to the descending guitar riffs from Tom to the stop-break in the middle of the track, it's a perfect MxPx song in my opinion.

"Call Me" has "next single" written all over it. It's so catchy, and upbeat with one of the most infectious choruses I've heard in a while. I'll definitely be singing it in the shower for the next few days. "Mountains To Climb" is an unpredictable fast melodic punk song that really brings out the aforementioned Slowly Going The Way of the Buffalo vibes.

"Sunrise" is the shortest track on the record clocking in at a minute 21 seconds yet it's not the fastest song. It's got some Ventures vibes with it being a track on the album that has no words at all. I can totally see this song being in the background of a surf scene in a movie. "When We Broke Through" is a hidden gem on the album. I always find that the deep cut tracks always tend to be some of the greatest songs on the album and this tune is my absolute favorite from the entire record.

Last but certainly not least or the shortest is "Mistakes Will Be Made" which is the longest track on the album clocking in at around 3 and a half minutes. It's one of the most beast mode crescendos I've ever heard. The track just keeps building and adding more before dropping off at the end as it begins. There's everything from slow drum parts to fast punk rock beats and build-ups. It's one of the most dynamic tracks on the album and with it being the last track it's definitely one that you don't want to skip over.

But don't take my word for it, listen to FIND A WAY HOME for yourself!

Check out MxPx's new album FIND A WAY HOME out now everywhere!

Check out MxPx's latest single Stay Up All Night as well as tracklisting, and more below!


Find A Way Home Track List:

  1. Not Today

  2. This Is What You Told Me

  3. What I Tell Myself

  4. Cautious Optimistic

  5. Excuse My French

  6. Stay Up All Night

  7. Ready To Rage

  8. Undone

  9. Call Me

  10. Mountains To Climb

  11. Sunrise

  12. When We Broke Through

  13. Mistakes Will Be Made



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