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NEDDER - “Self-Titled" EP REVIEW


Seattle, WA pop-punk rock trio Nedder have recently released their debut self-titled EP.

The band's sound is a jump for joy with a fresh revitalization of the 2000's pop-punk era reminiscent of bands like New Found Glory, blink-182, and Sum 41. Each track on this 3 tune EP has it's own quirks and sound that stray slightly off the path of pop-punk into rock that give the band their own identity without getting lost in the crowd of other pop-punk bands today.

Opening track MJ hits you in the face right off the bat and reminds me of The Riddlin' Kids "I Feel Fine" meets old school NFG with lyrical nods to growing up, 90's nostalgia and relationships.

Track 2 Ambulance changes up the dynamics with little synth patch sounds, a sick vocal melody line that is followed by a straight forward pop-punk driven rhythm with cool little stop-breaks that switch up the verses and bridges. The interlude brings the tune way down to a beast crescendo/outro chorus.

The last track on the album 365 opens up with a guitar riff and sick hi-hat/snare driven beat reminiscent of a Boys Like Girls tune (old school BLG.) The verse has a ton of dynamics going on with electronic drums, synth patches and even whistling that opens up to a straight forward bridge that opens up more into a super melodic chorus. Each verse adds more instrumentation which makes the tune feel fuller as it progresses. The bridge breaks it down with vocal melodies taking lead repeating the chorus, and then closes with a strong big outro.

This band gives me all the feels with all of the nods and hints to my favorite pop-punk groups. But don't take my word for it! Check out their debut EP below!


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