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NO/HUGS - Your Satisfaction Is Fake SINGLE REVIEW

no hugs

Narcissus A-Ngel

Kat Dukeshire

no hugs

The duo of Narcissus A-Ngel and Kat Dukeshire makes up the high energy, alternative rock and pop- punk formula from Boston, MA that is NO/HUGS. Recently finishing up the last cross country Vans Warped Tour, being hand-picked by founder/owner Kevin Lyman himself, the duo delivers their latest single YOUR SATISFACTION IS FAKE. The single was recorded at No Boundaries Studios by Trophy Wives engineer Chris Piquette.

The band's hustle is undeniable recently finishing up their third summer tour, heading back out this coming September for a couple fist fulls of shows.

YOUR SATISFACTION IS FAKE is this well balance of alt. rock and pop-punk, mixed with a raw, gritty, insanity of NO/HUGS writing and playing touching on emotional, real topics such as depression and suicide with a much needed focus on the LGBTQIA community.

In itself the band is reminiscent of an older Paramore (RIOT!) and Fall Out Boy (TTTYG) meets the alternativeness of bands like Evanescence, Shinedown and Stone Sour with Kat's heavy metal/alt. rock style drumming, and Narcissus' high ranged delivering vocals similar to that of Amy Lee. Mix that in with the rest of the band's hard rock distorted guitars, and metal influenced guitar solos and you have a product completely original, meaningful and heavy all wrapped up with a cause behind it.


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