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Zach Mesic - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals Kain Seneca - Lead Guitar Tye Hardy - Bass Matteo Ramundo - Drums​

no hugs

Hailing from Ontario, CAN comes progressive pop-punk quartet OTHERWIVES.

Forming in 2017, the guys started out like every band does, locking themselves in a garage together, writing songs that would inevitably become their first EP in January 2018. Taking notes from pop-punk predecessors like The Offspring & blink-182, the band's EP GRACE dishes out five power pop-punk tunes.

Tunes like Catching Feelings, Built the Same & Can't Catch Criticism all have a very New Found Glory meets blink-182 circa 2003 with the high vocal range and guitar chops of Dexter & Noodle of The Offspring.

The two tunes that have a life of their own on the record are sandwiched between the other 3 as closing and opening tracks. Opening song ...AT NIGHT which has a stripped down acoustic feel until the end where the entire band kicks in, similar to Letters To God by Boxcar Racer. The final tune on GRACE, NO PROGRESS seems to have more of a modern pop-punk progressive feel to it with heavy 2 part guitar riffs, stop breaks and cut time drums.

The band's debut single BUILT THE SAME, features a awesome 2-3 part vocal harmony, syncopated quarter note guitar riffs and doesn't seem to slow down one bit the entire way through the song.



You can check out more of OTHERWIVES at ANY of the links below: