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peter 118 group

Peter - Guitar/vox

Janine - Bass

Alisha - Guitar

Sam - Drums


Originally a member of punk band Senseless, Peter Field found his way through Christian punk rock spreading the word through bands like Ambassadors Of Shalom, who signed to California-based Thumper Punk Records in 2012.

In 2014, he focused on his own solo efforts and so Peter118 was born.

Shortly after “Radio”, was released which was a well received tune that made waves which made waves not only in the UK but the US and Japan but in the US as well.

Now with a new line-up change, after the release of 2015's "Make it or Break it" Peter118 is joined by Janine, Sam and Alisha completing the band and in March 2018 they released "ANTHOLOGY & LIVE IN LA"


The UK quartet has this overall fast punk beat sound of band bands like The Clash and The Replacements. Peter's voice has that tone of guys like Ben Folds or River from Weezer and the feel of the band is reminiscent of circa 2001 Slick Shoes or Teenage Politics MxPx. YOU BE THE JUDGE!


You can check out more of PETER118 at ANY of the links below:

peter118 album


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