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Pinhead Gunpowder to Reissue Entire Catalog on Vinyl!!!

unwritten law

Billie Joe Armstrong

Aaron Cometbus

Jason White

Bill Schneider

no hugs

1-2-3-4 Go! Records is very proud to announce that they are reissuing the entire Pinhead Gunpowder catalog on vinyl!

Although they are very rarely seen in public Pinhead Gunpowder has been a band for 31 years and are currently constituted as Aaron Cometbus (Crimpshrine, Sweet Baby), Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day, The Longshot), Jason White (The Influents, Green Day) and Bill Schneider (Monsula, Dead Sound).

There will be 5 phases spread across the next year with an LP, 7" and two exclusive t-shirts in each phase. Phase 1, due April 30th 2021, is the Jump Salty LP and Trundle & Spring 7"! Jump Salty is a compilation of singles and comp tracks that is back on vinyl for the first time in over a decade! These early 7” and compilation cuts were collected on a CD-only release on Lookout Records in 1994. Twelve songs, now recut at 45 RPM and on limited indie exclusive translucent gold vinyl.

Each record is pressed on a mail-order exclusive color only available from 1-2-3-4 Go! Records' website and each shirt is available separately or as part of the Phase 1 bundle. Pinhead Gunpowder hasn't had official merch of any sort in years and these are truly special oversize prints.

1-2-3-4 Go! is also rolling out the Pinhead Gunpowder Discography Club for those of you who want to sign up for the whole run now! If you subscribe now you will get each phase as they come out on a PGDC exclusive color. The label is only going to press enough of these to fulfill subscription orders and subscriptions will only be available for purchase until April 1st 2021. After that they're closing it up!

Here's the schedule for each phase:

Phase 1 (4/30/21): Jump Salty LP, Trundle and Spring 7” plus two shirts with art from each release.

Phase 2 (6/11/21): Carry The Banner LP, Fahizah 7” plus two shirts with art from each release and the stand alone “Kick Over The Traces” shirt.

Phase 3 (9/10/21): Goodbye Ellston Avenue LP, At Your Funeral 7” (songs from two splits, split up no more!), plus two shirts with art from each release.

Phase 4 (11/26/21): Shoot The Moon LP, 8 Chords 328 Words 7” plus two shirts with art from each release

Phase 5 (3/11/22): Compulsive Disclosure LP, West Side Highway 7” plus two shirts with art from each release.

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