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"I heard everything they said, and I'm nothing but a long shot lost cause, doing more damage than good."

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Dan Tippery Chuck Bernard Conor Mcnamara Bryan Thanh Canyon Gargon


POST SEASON lives about an hour from me, so to say that this Pittsburgh/Altoona pop punk band is near to my heart, is saying the least. No strangers to the scene, the guys have toured and shared the stage with bands like Such Gold, Knuckle Puck, and State Champs. While it has been a minute since we've gotten to hear new jams from these guys, the wait = over.

Produced and engineered by the legendary Paul Leavitt, (All Time Low, The Used, Senses Fail, Dangerous Summer) and teaming up with Know Hope Records for release, POST SEASON's new sophomore self-titled album shows an aged maturity to the band's writing while keeping true to their signature sound of upbeat, punchiness and tight harmony lines.

The opening track and first single off of this new self-entitled album "Long Shot, Lose Cause." was released at the end of May, also being uploaded to Alternative Press' Facebook page, as well as their own YouTube channel and already gaining over 12K Spotify plays.


Front to back the self-titled album auras the essence of other amazing Pennsylvania pop punk bands like The Starting Line, Punchline and Valencia while being its own entity. This album has many layers to it unlike a lot of modern pop punk. Each track has its own identity, while still being an identifiable pop punk record as a whole. Punchy. Emotional. Real.


The first track and single, "Long Shot, Lost Cause" hits the ground running as while showing off all of the usual suspects in a great well rounded pop punk tune. From there the rest of the album doesn't slow down or take a break one bit. Songs like "Tell Tale" and "Numb To This" show off catchy guitar riffs while both opening up with sick drum fills while tunes like "Another Day, Another Schrute Buck" and "Picture Frame Eyes" do the same while mixing in stop breaks, and melancholic verses.


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