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Brad Smith - Vocals & Keys Steve Larke - Guitar & Backing Vocals Paul Gaul - Bass Christian Kett - Drums


If you are a fan of ANYTHING Anthony Green (i.e. Circa Survive, Saosin, TBS,) then UK alt pop-punk band PREY DRIVE is right up your alley. They just released a debut EP entitled Tabula Rasa via KROD Records. and a new single MORE THAN MAGIC with accompanying music video.

These guys got their start in Norwich, UK in 2016 after two of the guys played as session musicians for Johnny Craig's project "Slaves" which got their feet wet for the big stage, and thus Prey Drive was born.

I can only describe PREY DRIVE as "melodic prog-pop-punk". Listening to a song like their album track title TABULA RASA, which also has a crazy key change in it, (I think.) has great "prog-rock-esque" chord progressions, reminiscent of a band like Coheed and Cambria.

Oh! Here's that video for MORE THAN MAGIC.

(Spoiler: He doesn't pull a rabbit out of the hat. Also doesn't "tell anyone to close any god damn doors".)


MORE THAN MAGIC, an understatement and also the first song I pressed play to UK melodic pop-punk band PREY DRIVE's new EP TABULA RASA. Lead singer, Brad Smith has fucking range, which is a breath of fresh air? to my ears? (I'm not taking it out.)

It's nice to hear is what I'm saying. In the over saturated "Cookie Monster" screaming and auto-tune dependent world that the music biz has us all accustomed to these days.

(Ya, I said it, and I use auto-tune. My daughter says I suck at singing all the time.)

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