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PRIESTS TO PILOTS - Every Day Is A Little Less Colorful ALBUM REVIEW

"Opposites Attract So,

Please Don't Look This Way..."

priests to pilots group

Vox/Rh Guitar: Nick Lin Ld Guitar: Jordan Quinn Bass: James Warner Drums: Nathan Coote​

Priests To Pilots Album

UK emo pop punk quartet PRIESTS TO PILOTS have been dishing out tunes since their 2016 inception. Their latest collection is a 7 track EP full of emotional-filled jams entitled EVERY DAY IS A LITTLE LESS COLOURFUL.

Produced by Daly George, (Boston Manor), the quartet shows a heavier and more raw emotional edge than their previous release, REMEMBER ME, WITH FAVOUR.

EVERY DAY IS A LITTLE LESS COLOURFUL is a contextual soup comprised of all of the quirky, identifiable and random details and nods that make up the pop punk genre and supporting sub-genres associated.

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From EVERY DAY IS A LITTLE LESS COLOURFUL's opening track Rosebuds, Priests to Pilots capture that throwback pop punk sound combined with it's raw emotional heartfelt qualities without being overbearing. Think Saves The Day meets NFG.

Single, AMERICAN MOUTH is an example of their heavier side. Brooded with heavy guitars, slow cut time parts that crescendo into an explosion of hardcore punk beats while gang vocals cast shadow in the background to the fore-fronting lyrical monologue.


Instrumental tune HILL VALLEY 85'WASTELANDDiving right into the following track is an awesome nod to Back To The Future and reminds me of Four Years Strong's song titles. which is a total pop punk track in it's entirety with all of the usual suspects. It has a real Ataris meets Starting Line circa 2004 vibe from intro to interlude.

My favorite track is The Infinite Melancholy of Mr Happy where I can't exactly pinpoint the genre or what it reminds me of, it's just an all around great well rounded pop punk tune with emo overtones.


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