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Vocals: Tyler Walker Guitar: Tim McArthur Guitar: Drew Olivas Bass: Jesse Keisling Drums: Neil Johnson


These aching bones of mine,

won't let me sleep tonight...


With a dedicated fanbase, and a formidable amount of touring and EPs under their belt, the melodic-hardcore-pop-punk-penta-piece (I think I just made that up) from Abilene, TX have been at it in the studio writing their next album.

The guys have already had an impressive first leg of 2018, with a new single DISTANT which has already had over 2,500 streams on Spotify in just 4 months.

The song was also featured on Alternative Press Discover Playlist and in Jan. 18' dropped a music video for the tune showing the guys in the studio, teasing the potential of what's to come on future tracks.






RAIN CHECK's overall sound is very reminiscent of super melodic pop-punk bands like Real Friends, The Story So Far and a splash of Knuckle Puck with that "Oh? hardcore/crazy punk beats showed up to the party? When did they get here?": sound with songs like GHOST and LIFE LESSONS. In a song like PIECES they have this rad megaphone/telephone filter during the interlude during the spoken word parts and the LD guitar parts always seem to shadow the main vocal melody in every song which makes everything sound full and harmonic as fuck while the rest of the band stays rhythmic and in the pocket.RAIN CHECK's new single DISTANT has an awesome crescendo intro that reminds me of a REAL FRIENDS tune and the main guitar riff is clean, low and can be mistaken for a bass guitar that's played up "in the dusty end" of the neck. The overall tune has some hard hitting parts that really shows off the guy's ability to use dynamics, and as a musician, can be one of the HARDEST THINGS next to vocal harmonies. That alone has me stoked for the release of RAIN CHECK's next installment.

Distant Rain Check SINGLE

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