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On Feb. 16th, London's SCREECH BATS let loose their new video for "Get Better" off of their new EP "Wish You Were Her".

"Since You've Been Gone I Don't Know Who I Am."

Esme Baker - Vox

Kit Reeve - Guitar

Rio Hellyer - Bass

Lexi Clark - Drums


The UK quartet are grungy, melancholic punk rock bombshells who remind me of a cross between Alkaline Trio with their hard indifferent chord progressions and vocal melodies combined with a slightly less pissed off version of The Distillers, with all of the aggression and attitude still there.

Get Better

Their sick new video ostensibly a performance video features slick visuals that contrast with their scrappy punk musical edge, vocalist Esme Baker explains: “We decided to film it in this style because we didn't have one! We teamed up with Tom Le Bon and quite literally let him 'do his thing', only needing for everyone to see ‘who we are’. He's a genius.”

The track itself pays homage to Baker’s doctor who she recalls,“dedicated months of her life to rewiring my brain, taking a woman who was waiting for the next second she could be alone so she could kill herself, and moulding her into woman who loves her life and wants to live it to the full. I never imagined a life unburdened by crippling depression and yet here I am. This song is a message to everyone who is suffering through something similar – recovery is possible – it is hard, and it is slow, but it is possible.”


Check out more of SCREECH BATS & their newest EP at ANY of the links below.


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