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Shrimpfield Duo Group

Julian Baader – Vocals, Programming, Bart Pascal Weick – Guitars, Bass, Drum-Programming

Shrimpfield Lane Album Cover

The Berlin based easycore/pop punk duo SHRIMPFIELD is the new recording-project of Julian Baader and Pascal Weick, formerly touring throughout Germany with their band Joy Became Clear the last few years. The duo's debut album THE SHRIMPFIELD LANE takes the biggest classics in music history and slips them into formal easycore and pop punk-clothing.

From top to bottom the self-released debut album pays homage to their favorite classic rock artists centered around easy listening and rock hits. Combining pop punk and easycore with these hits, the duo have created an incredibly unique sound.


What can I say about this pop punk duo other than "awesome." Being brought up under an iron curtain of classic rock tunes ranging from the 50's to late 80's that still rattle against my skull, my opinion on SHRIMPFIELD may be slightly bias. Not to mention that I'm a huge sucker for well arranged cover tunes and have loved the "Punk Goes..." albums since their inception.

However, my skewed opinion is nothing but support for this duo. Tunes like THE CAVE originally by Mumford & Sons and their current single YOU WIN AGAIN originally by Bee Gees completely take the song out of its original respected genre and gives it an entire new perspective. Whereas tunes like GLORY OF LOVE originally by Chicago/Peter Cetera and IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE originally by Roxette, the songs are still in the respected "rock" genre, just with a shit ton more of chest hair added.

It's comedic brutality in the most metal way to hear a rendition of AFRICA by Toto arranged in the easycore/metal/pop punk genre. But hey, don't take my word or it, listen for yourself!


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