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Brandon Eikenberry (vox/guitar) Christian Adame (vox/bass) Joe Keck (drums)


I have an immediate connection to pop-punk trio SOUTHPAW from Muskegon, MI since my daughter was born in Royal Oak. Their latest LP "White Lighter Myth" is OUT NOW via LA-based Anchor Eighty Four Records.

This is a band I'm ashamed to say that I totally neglected along with the new wave of pop-punk. (What the hell can I say. I'm stuck in my old ass ways of the early 2000's.) Now that I'm a fan of bands like Neck Deep and TSSF I can definitely see myself clenching my teeth into their 2014 self-titled album "Eye To Eye" and with 2016's EP "Away Like Sheep".

SOUTHPAW is definitely one of those bands that let you cleanse your pallet of monotony and let you embrace using the word "alternative". (Fuck I hate using that word).

"White Lighter Myth" from front to back is a straight up modern pop-punk album. Killer fucking catchy lyrics about drugs, growing up, relationships, and family. Sick chord progressions, crazy catchy choruses and hooks and even a solo here and there which is saying something for a trio. They make everything sound full as hell.

They just released their first single Camouflage off of White Lighter Myth.

Favorite Tracks





The guys have opened up for the likes of A Day To Remember, State Champs, Neck Deep and Less Than Jake. Most recently since signing with Anchor Eighty Four Records, SOUTHPAW saw a U.S. tour with Sleeping With Sirens.


The band is heading out on the road again with Hold Close & Crooked Teeth.


For more on SOUTHPAW, their new album WHITE LIGHTER MYTH, music and more check out ANY of the links below:

anchor 84
white lighter myth

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